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Do you ever feel like you're the jack of all trades and master of none? When it comes to remodeling and construction services, maybe it’s that weekend project you’ve taken on only to discover you are in way over your head. Or that fence that needed to be replaced, or that deck that is falling apart out front. You want it fixed, and you probably could figure it out, but after working all week it can become a bit overwhelming and you just don’t want to worry about it. Need to talk right away? Call us in Chico at 530-505-4984.

Here at Experts In Your Home we are ready to help

We offer a one-stop shop for remodeling and construction services. Not only can we get the job done, but we can get all aspects of the job done. From installing doors to repairing dry rot; building new decks and patios to room additions, we can do it all. We even offer painting, plumbing and cleaning services, as well as a project manager to facilitate all the details. With all of our projects that involve our remodeling and construction services, we employ full time licensed carpenters on our staff, so no job is too big or too small.

Experts In Your Home brings a combined experience of over 80 years of carpentry and would be happy to provide you with our services

Our goal is to help you get your project done and get you settled in to the other things you want to do. Contact us for expert help with your carpentry project today. 

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