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Are you in a position to start the home remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of for years?

Remodeled Kitchen

Are you in a position to start the home remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of for years?

It may be the perfect time to do that remodel you’ve been planning and thinking of for years. But at Experts In Your Home, we know that seeing an amazing remodel on TV (or our website photo gallery) and going through the remodeling process yourself are two very different things.

Whether you’re overwhelmed by the process or have limited resources, it’s understandable to have hesitations at beginning a new home remodeling project. Many people are tempted to cut corners to save money, but the long-term results are dissatisfaction, or the inability to resell your home because of not following permitting requirements. When preparing for your home remodeling project, you should beware of low-cost bids from contractors who give you low estimates and then come in with change orders once you are too far in to back out of the commitment.

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Remodeled Kitchen Remodeled Bathroom

Your goal is to enjoy your new space for years to come

Experts In Your Home can help you make great decisions for your Chico home remodeling project that fit well within your budget and also help you implement them. We are committed to:

  • Being fully licensed
  • Pulling all the right permits
  • Finishing the job and following through with meeting your needs

Here at The Hignell Companies, we have been in construction and remodeling since 1948

We can be your one-stop shop for Chico home remodeling because we have everything you need under one roof. You can feel comfortable knowing you are getting Experts In Your Home, a division of Hignell, employees from start to finish. We combine 8 different divisions of our remodeling and construction services department and provide them to you. Whether you need one division or all eight, we can make your home remodeling experience a pleasant one.