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How do you know when you're in over your head?

So, you're considering the tasks around the house or office you can do yourself, but at what point should you hire a professional? This guide will give you a break down of those DIY tasks as well as more technical or time consuming tasks you should hire an expert to do.

This guide addresses common areas you have household and business needs.

Book Cover of Do It Yourself vs. Hiring an Expert

  • Electrical: includes changing bulbs and switches to replacing wiring indoor and outdoor

  • Plumbing: includes clogged drains, replacing faucets and pipes to septic tank issues

  • Carpet Cleaning: includes spills and spots to overall cleaning

  • Heating and Air: includes changing your filters, maintaining units and installing new ones

  • Painting: includes interior and exterior jobs as well as when safety is a concern 

  • Cleaning: includes the day to day tasks and deep cleaning projects or upcoming events

Unsure if you should DIY?

Download this guide to make an informed decision.