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Chico Electricians:
Installation and Repair

Experienced Electricians serving Chico, California and Surrounding Areas

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An electrician at Experts In Your Home can handle all of your home maintenance and commercial electrical installations and electrical repair needs including:

  • Switches and breaker repair - when you have an interruption in your electrical current and your breaker didn't detect it, we can help it resume operation as quickly as possible.
  • Electrical panel upgrades - does your electrical panel look older than you? Upgrading your panel can lead to additional safety in your home.
  • Re-wiring needs - there's no need for you to get tangled in wires that seem to overlap and connect to each other in 20 different places; we'll undo the wire puzzle for you.
  • Ceiling fan replacement or installation - let's face it, do you really want to experience what it might have been like for Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel? We're ceiling artists in our own way and we'll get your fan installed in far less time than Mich.
  • Indoor/outdoor lighting - you make the gourmet dinner; we'll create just the right amount of lighting ambiance.
  • New construction - whether it's an extreme home makeover or a simple shifting of offices at your business, we can make sure your electrical work is done right.
  • Troubleshooting - and then there are those times when you don't know what the heck is going on and just don't want to try and figure it out - give us a call, we'll give you a break and just troubleshoot for you!

Why choose an electrician at Experts In Your Home?

When it comes to electrical installation and electrical repair, Experts In Your Home has a solid track record of customer service and years of experience that ensures we'll provide expert solutions for your electrical problems. You will be at ease with the professional, certified electrician working on your residential or commercial project. Whether it's a new electrical installation, an electrical outlet upgrade, or just an electrical repair to your current fixtures, Experts In Your Home delivers reliable, competent, and cost-effective electrician services for Chico, Paradise & surrounding areas.

Contact us today at 530-924-5220 or request a quote online and let's talk about how an electrician can help you with your next electrical installation or electrical repair.